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About Kathleen Lange's

Confectionary Chalet

Close of of delivate flowers on a lambeth cake

Crafting sweet memories

Whether you're here for my delectable treats, Lange Style boot camps and workshops, or simply to savor the beauty of edible art, there is something sweet here for you at Kathleen Lange's Confectionary Chalet.


I invite you to experience a personalized class or indulge in the sweetness of my confections.

The sweet story behind Kathleen’s chalet:

Confectionary Chalet is more than just a business; it's a lifelong passion rooted in my confectionery expertise. The journey began in my childhood with an Easy Bake Oven at age 4, leading to a career as a cake designer and instructor in 1980. I had a strong desire to transform ordinary desserts into extraordinary experiences, which has been the driving force behind my lifelong journey.

Kathleen Lange poses with her Easy Bake Oven, the beginning of her career in confectionery arts
nareeta-martin-B_af_yNTBhM-unsplash (2).jpg
Kathleen Lange poses with her teammate at the FIPGC Cake Designers' World Championships in 2017- Milan, Italy

Winner of Best Tasting Cake In the World!

FIPGC Cake Designers' World Championships in 2017- Milan, Italy. Team Trinidad and Tobago

Michelle Sohan & Kathleen Lange

About Section

Where your sweet dreams come to life

At Kathleen Lange's Confectionary Chalet, my ultimate goal is to provide each client with more than just confectionery classes and products. I'm dedicated to elevating your experience by offering personalized advice and unique learning experiences, transforming ordinary cakes and desserts into extraordinary works of art. I strive to create a unique environment where every confection is a masterpiece, and every moment is an opportunity for celebration!

Lambeth cake with a heart toper and roses

What sets Confectionary Chalet apart:

Close up of pink roses
Kathleen Lange, baker and cake decorator

Specialty workshops that create unique skills

With a legacy dating back to 1980, I proudly specialize in unique boot camps offering a modernized flair in the Lange Style of Lambeth Cake Decorating and specialty workshops. My confections are not just desserts; they are masterpieces crafted with precision, skill, quality ingredients, and a touch of tradition that sets the taste of my confections and classes apart.

Kathleen Lange with a student of her cake decorating classes

Personalized journeys to mastery

Kathleen Lange's Confectionary Chalet is more than a destination for sweets; it's a place where your creativity and skill converge. My boot camps and specialty workshops are designed to invite you on a journey of confectionery mastery, ensuring you leave not just satisfied but inspired.

Ornate wedding cake

The perfect mix of sweet and beautiful

I believe cakes and desserts should not only taste exquisite but also be visually stunning. Every creation I design is a blend of sweetness and beauty, elevating the art of confections. Experience the difference for yourself at Kathleen's Confectionary Chalet and let your taste buds and eyes delight in my creations.

Not into baking? Place a custom order instead.

Explore a selection of my creations

Damaske Pattern in pink

Overwhelmed by the results

I felt so at home the entire two day Boot Camp with you, your husband & mom. But most especially, I am very honored to attend your class. It was one of the most amazing techniques I’ve seen & learned. I am totally overjoyed and overwhelmed by the results. You’re an excellent teacher, very gracious in sharing your talents without holding back and just simply wanting your students to learn.

Jordan Jimenez

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