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This Instructional 2 Disk DVD Set,  Kathleen Lange demonstrates her Famous Lange/Lambeth English Cake Decorating Mini Boot Camp 101, as if you were attending one of her famous classes.


Ideal for honing your piping precision, this DVD serves as the perfect preparation for attending Kathleen's esteemed 2, 4, 6, or 8-day Boot Camps held internationally.

Dive into the world of Joseph Lambeth's distinguished cake decorating method, an English technique revered by confectionery enthusiasts worldwide.


In Mini Boot Camp 101, students will grasp the fundamentals, mastering proper handling of decorating bags and tips while learning essential techniques.

From perfecting zigzags and shells to crafting scalloped swag borders, strings of pearls, roped scallops, 3-D overpiping, and basic stringwork, Kathleen shares invaluable insights to enhance your cake decorating repertoire.


Practice alongside the DVD to refine each skill taught, with recipe instructional handouts included for comprehensive learning.



The Lange Style of English Lambeth – Mini Boot Camp 101 DVD

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