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Elevate your cake-making skills with Kathleen's instructional DVD, offering insights  attending her renowned International truffle dessert cake workshop.


Impress your guests with cakes that not only look stunning but taste extraordinary, garnering compliments like, "This is the best cake I've ever tasted!"


Unlock the secrets of Kathleen's famous wedding cake/truffle dessert cake class, where she shares techniques since 1980, captivating clients, friends, and students worldwide.


Learn how to craft gourmet cakes with different flavor combinations, utilizing basic cakes and surprise ingredients. Discover the art of complementing 3-4 cake variations with sumptuous truffle fillings, mousses, fresh fruits, and more.


Master the creation of gourmet simple syrups infused with liquor and other flavors, and learn to work with bakery-grade non-dairy and stabilized whipped cream.


Join Kathleen on a journey of culinary excellence, backed by her recent triumph at the Milan, Italy Cake Designers' World Championship FIPGC 2017, where she coached Team Trinidad & Tobago to victory, earning "The Best Cake Taste in the World 2017" title and securing 7th place among 19 competing countries.


Enhance your cake-making repertoire and unlock the secrets of success with Kathleen Lange's instructional DVD – a testament to passion, skill, and international acclaim.

The Lange Style of Truffle Dessert Cake Workshop DVD

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