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Kathleen Lange FIPGC Coach & Judge Team Trinadad & Tobago - Milan, Italy

The International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate is an association whose fundamental works are to carry out activities inherent to the development, extension and diffusion of know-how, knowledge and experiences typical of confectionary internationally understood as confectionary art.  

It also plays a role in the development of the activity of bakers, ice cream makers, chocolatiers, cooks, sculptor/artists on a national and international level with the aim of ensuring the defense of social and professional values, morals and also to improve the prestige and image of the whole category.  

The association has as its purpose the professional training, organization of events and fairs, the promotion and development of the handicraft sector typical of every nation.  

The International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate manages and organizes two World Championships at the Host Fiera Milano.

Kathleen Lange was honored by FIPGC with the prestigious title of The International Excellence Team of Cake Designers, along with 12 other esteemed individuals. This recognition signifies their exceptional talent and contributions to the field of cake design on an international scale.

Kathleen served as a FIPGC USA Team Representative for FIPGC 2017-2023, she held a position within the American cake and pastry community. Her role involved serving as a liaison between the FIPGC and pastry professionals in the United States.

Her role involved promoting FIPGC's mission and activities within the US pastry community, helping find the next USA Team to compete at the World Cake Competition. This included encouraging participation in FIPGC competitions, fostering collaboration with international counterparts, and supporting educational initiatives aimed at enhancing skills and knowledge among American pastry professionals.

Overall, Kathleen Lange's role as the US Team Representative for FIPGC would involve bridging the gap between the American pastry community and the international stage, fostering connections, advocating for their interests, and promoting excellence in pastry, chocolate, and ice cream craftsmanship.

Kathleen coached and judged alongside her student and friend, Michelle Soham, representing Team Trinidad and Tobago in the FIPGC World Cake Competition held in Milan, Italy, in October 2017. Their entry won the esteemed title of Best Tasting Cake in the World, triumphing over entries from 18 other countries. Despite facing challenges with her kitchen setup during the competition, Michelle secured an impressive 7th place overall, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to the craft.

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