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Royal Icing: Kathleen's Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Cakes by - Kathleen Lange

These are fundamental guidelines for working with Royal Icing. While each instructor may offer their own unique insights, here are some of Kathleen's tips, accumulated since she began working with Royal Icing in the 1980s.

Attending a class is highly recommended to grasp all the nuances of the craft. For details on upcoming classes at Kathleen's Confectionary Chalet or to host a class in your area, please inquire."

1. Utensils and Containers: Ensure all utensils and containers are grease-free and devoid of soap residue when making Royal Icing.

2. Mixing Time: Following instructions, Royal Icing typically takes around 7 minutes of beating with a mixer to achieve the desired consistency. The time may vary depending on the type of mixer used. If using a hand mixer, opt for a heavy-duty brand and allow it to cool down when overheating occurs. Cover the icing bowl with a damp cloth during breaks to cool the mixer.

3. Hand Mixing: For small amounts of Royal Icing, hand mixing may be preferred over using a mixer.

4. Fine Decorating Tips: To prevent clumps of sugar or frosting from clogging fine decorating tips, you can use a clean white stocking to strain the Royal Icing.

5. Keeping Icing Fresh: Always keep Royal Icing covered with clear plastic wrap with damp cloth or lid stored in a mixing bowl during use. This helps maintain the original consistency and reduces air bubbles. Avoid keeping a bag of Royal Icing in your hand continuously for more than 15 minutes, as it can lead to a bubbly appearance. Parchment paper can help prolong the icing's stability.

If you are using "A Royal Mix- Pre-mix, no worries how long you hold in your hand, works incredibly, no remixing required once in decorating cone or bags.

6. Storing Tips: Do not store Royal Icing in plastic containers, as plastic is porous and challenging to de-grease, unless it is a new, clean container, glass or stainless-steel containers instead. Store unused Royal Icing in the refrigerator, covering it with plastic wrap directly on the surface and sealing tightly.

7. Coloring and Mixing: When dividing Royal Icing into colored batches, powdered water-soluble colors work best to prevent color separation. Mixing colors prior and let sit, helps to achieve the exact colors.

Cakes by - Kathleen Lange

8. Usage: "A Royal Mix" by More Than Cake is ideal for various Royal Icing projects, including piping, flooding cookies, decorating fondant cakes, and creating intricate designs such as string work and lace pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about "A Royal Mix" and the company " More Than Cakes" answers:

Usage: "A Royal Mix" is versatile and suitable for a wide range of Royal Icing projects, offering added stretch and extended use time.

Advantages: Designed to be cost-effective and easy to use, "A Royal Mix" allows for more creative control over recipe sizes, eliminating waste.

Ingredient Safety: "A Royal Mix" uses dried egg whites tested for salmonella, ensuring a shelf-stable product for consumer convenience.

Gluten-Free: Yes, "A Royal Mix" is gluten-free, containing no wheat ingredients.

Storage: Unused Royal Icing can be refrigerated or frozen in airtight containers. Refrigerate extra Royal Icing with plastic wrap touching the surface and sealing tightly.

Shelf Life: When stored properly at ambient temperature, "A Royal Mix" is best if used within two years of manufacturing.

Flavoring: Flavors can be added to "A Royal Mix" using Perfect Palate Powder Flavors, enhancing the taste without affecting whiteness or color.

Coloring: Powdered water-soluble colors are recommended for Royal Icing, as they do not separate or change with age and intensify over time when activated with water.

Allergen Information: "A Royal Mix" contains dehydrated egg whites and is not suitable for those allergic to eggs.

Airy Icing: To address overly airy icing, mix at lower speeds and spread the icing back and forth with a spatula to remove air bubbles.

Using Leftover Icing: Leftover icing can be refrigerated or frozen and remixed when needed. It can also be combined to create chocolate frosting, reducing waste.

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