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"A Royal Mix" Royal Icing & Tips

Lambeth Cakes by - Kathleen Lange

Kathleen proudly endorses and offers a discount link to purchase this groundbreaking product, "A Royal Mix" Royal Icing Pre-Mix, a collaboration with More Than Cake.

This innovative Royal Icing blend offers unparalleled quality and convenience, designed to elevate your cake decorating experience like never before. For more information and to order your package today, visit the following link for More Than Cake.

Royal Icing

Royal Icing is a classic choice for covering celebration cakes, lending a formal touch to weddings, christenings, and Christmas cakes. It's applied in multiple coats, allowing each layer to dry before the next application.

The consistency of Royal Icing varies depending on the desired effect, ranging from drier for flat icing to softer for intricate piping designs.

Traditional Royal Icing recipes often use fresh free-range egg whites, dried albumen, or meringue powder, combined with icing sugar to achieve the desired consistency.

Some recipes may include glycerin for added smoothness and less hard crack stage for decorating cookies.

To prevent drying and forming a skin, cover prepared icing with cling film or (damp cloths are not needed for a royal mix, makes consistency softer) seal grease-proof container when not in use.

Note- If your icing scales or icing dries and is un-usable, cover with damp cloth to reconstitute, and remix to original consistency...a no waste Royal Icing.

The "NEW" A Royal Pre-Mix is a game-changer in Royal Icing applications. It offers enhanced stability and ease of use compared to traditional recipes. With improved workability and extended shelf life, you'll find "A Royal Mix Pre-mix" to be superior to regular fresh egg whites or meringue powder.

FAQ - About A Royal Mix - A Pre-Mix for the BEST Royal Icing

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about "A Royal Mix"

Usage: "A Royal Mix" is versatile and suitable for a wide range of Royal Icing projects, offering added stretch and extended use time.

Advantages: Designed to be cost-effective and easy to use, "A Royal Mix" allows for more creative control over recipe sizes, eliminating waste.

Ingredient Safety: "A Royal Mix" uses dried egg whites tested for salmonella, ensuring a shelf-stable product for consumer convenience.

Gluten-Free: Yes, "A Royal Mix" is gluten-free, containing no wheat ingredients.

Storage: Unused Royal Icing can be refrigerated or frozen in airtight containers. Defrost to room temperature before re-beating with a mixer.

Shelf Life: As long as stored properly, "A Royal Mix" is best if used within two years of manufacturing.

Flavoring: Perfect Palate Powder Flavors are recommended for adding flavor to "A Royal Mix."

Coloring: Powdered colors are superior with "A Royal Mix," as they do not separate or change with age.

Allergen Information: "A Royal Mix" contains dehydrated egg whites and is not suitable for those allergic to eggs.

Addressing Airy Icing: Mix at lower speeds and spread back and forth with an icing spatula to remove air bubbles.

Using Leftover Icing: Leftover icing can be refrigerated or frozen and remixed when needed. Alternatively, combine leftover icing to create delicious chocolate frosting to minimize waste:

Chocolate Buttercream Recipe - for each 1 cup icing, add 3 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder or equivalent melted bittersweet baking chocolate, and 1/4-1/3 cup room temperature sweet unsalted butter for each cup of Royal Icing, blend until creamy. If you want creamier icing add cooled Dark Chocolate ganache or a small amount of high ratio shortening.

"A Royal Mix" is exclusively used and endorsed by Kathleen Lange in her FAMOUS Lange/Lambeth Cake Decorating Boot Camps.

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#ARoyalMix, the strongest, fast drying, no waste, best tasting, multi-purpose premix for Royal Icing on the market! Promises and delivers Royal results!

Lambeth Cakes and Cookies by - Kathleen Lange

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kathleen


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